Am I eligible to study overseas?

To be deemed eligible for studying in any overseas university, there are various requirements that you need to clear. Apart from the academic requirements that you have to fulfill according to the course that you choose, there are also the English proficiency requirement, and if you have any sports qualification, then it would be taken as a plus point. Some courses will require you to have a foundation course for the degree you are applying for, and some would require you to have a full time work experience to be fit for the position. Our counselors are here to support the candidates with the right guidance and the correct details about the requirements and eligibility criteria.

How much will it cost to study abroad?

​The costs generally depend on various factors including the lifestyle that you choose and the university you have applied for. The cost depends on how much you will have to travel, the quality of life you are looking for, the location of the university and your living, course and university. There is one thing that needs to be taken care of – some student visas require you to show your financial ability to be able to survive in a foreign country beforehand. This means that you must have a certain amount of funds in your bank account when you arrive in your selected country.

What should I consider when choosing what and where to study?

There are many things that must be kept in mind when you decide to study in an overseas college. Not just the academic interests, but having a clear goal of your future in that country, including lifestyle, extracurricular activities, any part time job that you would like to do to handle the living expenses in the country. 

Candidate must take some time to do research on curses, subjects, their career goals, universities that they would be interested in when they set their mind to going abroad to study.

Look for the potential living areas in the city where you have planned to go for your overseas education. Research on some of the activities that might interest you in that area, like some cultural events or weekend getaways.

Find some details about potential places where you can work if you are interested in doing any part time jobs. If you would like to explore some more options, you can always contact us and get information regarding anything that is on your mind. We would also help you out with the migration policies, visa conditions, and any government policies that you have to be aware of.

Will studying abroad help me find a good job?

The career opportunities that you might have are hugely impacted by your education, living, and socializing. So, if you want to have this experience of studying abroad benefit you both career wise and for personal development, you must make sure that your life at the new country is fruitful and full of adventures. There are studies that show that employers seek for the candidates who have experience of multiple cultures and know how to handle a new environment. 

Will my overseas qualification be accepted in my home country?

Of Course the skills that you acquire during your education will be beneficial for you to get your career set in any country. Yes, the requirements of the potential employers might vary a little depending on the city, and you might need to give a qualifying test for the same. You can contact relevant registration bodies in your home country for advice. 

What if I can’t afford to study overseas?

If any candidate cannot afford the expenses for education and/or living, then there are various scholarships and bursaries available. To be able to qualify for the scholarships, you need to have extra competitive and demonstrate outstanding academic achievements. IELTS Eduversity counselors will be able to provide the details about such scholarships which you can gain benefit from. 

Can I work and study at the same time?

Normally students prefer to work part time in order to be able to fund their daily lifestyle in the new country, but if you do not prefer to that it is totally up to you. If you are accepted for a degree course in the foreign country then you will be permitted to work, and for that you need to make sure that your visa allows it. And that is why our counselors help you plan everything in advance. 

How long does the application process take?

The application process must always be started one year in advance so that when the time for your departure comes, there are no delays. The academic years start at different times of the year in different countries, so you will need to be prepared and start applying according to the same. You should always check with the university or college that you are applying to for the exact time that you need to be present there for the orientation. 

Do I need an education agent?

You can always apply to your desired institution directly, at your own pace and with your own talent. But when you choose to go with an education agent then you get all the information at one place. You can never go wrong when you let a counselor guide you through the whole process as they know any changes that you might face in the future. Also, most agents have networks around the globe that will definitely improve your chances with the universities that you are applying for. 

What if my parents don’t want me to go overseas?

It is natural for parents and family members to feel worried about their child. Some even get scared to send their child to a different city, let alone to a new country. For that, IELTS Eduversity counselors encourage and reassure the families that their kids are in good hands. That their child will not be alone in the new country, and we are there throughout their education years and beyond to provide all the assistance that the child might need. 

Who are IELTS Eduversity?

IELTS Eduversity is a global leader in international education. We are proud to have been working for many years and a huge network of opportunities across more than 32 countries. We are proud of our team of professional counselors who guide and support the candidates to launch their professional success. 

Will IELTS Eduversity help me with advice after I am offered a place?

Our services do not stop with your acceptance letter. We work beyond that, and we are there for your assistance throughout your educational years and even after that. We will support you and help you find all the solutions for any question or hinderance that might be coming in your path towards success. From pre-departure orientations, ro post-arrival meet-ups, you can always be assured of getting all the possible guidance from our counselors.